Patty Flauto Fine Art
abstract paintings

I'm an abstract painter living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. My paintings are created using acrylics  and other mixed media applications such as collage, ink and textured pastes and papers.
My work invites you to find meaning in the ambiguity that I have created.  Abstraction encourages you, the viewer, to complete what you see.  This body of work is intended to prompt contemplation and conversation.



  1. Storm Tracker
    Storm Tracker
    30" x 40" $2100.00
  2. Parade The Circle
    Parade The Circle
    30"x40" $2100.00
  3. Dwell
    20"x30"" SOLD
  4. Red Tide
    Red Tide
    10"x10" $225.00
  5. Spring Awakening
    Spring Awakening
    36"x36" $2,050.00
  6. Constructed
    36" x 36" $2,050.00.
  7. Trapeze
    24" x 18" $850.00
  8.  Motion
    36"x36" $2,050.00